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The Benefits of Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl is extremely durable and holds up well to heavy foot traffic. If you’re looking for a family friendly floor, this is it – scratch proof and water resistance, Vinyl is a formidable opponent against the likes of toddlers with toy trucks and animals with messy paws. (We do however recommend you keep their claws clipped regularly)

Low maintenance
Vinyl is relatively easy to keep clean with a simple sweep or dust with an electrostatic mop. While water-resistant, any spills should still be cleaned up as soon as possible. In the case of any damage, individual Vinyl planks and tiles can easily be replaced.

Stylish and versatile
Vinyl mimics the look of other floors types including hardwood, tile and natural stone. This versatility in style and colour allows it to match almost any decor. In terms of space and layout, there’s no constraints with Vinyl as it’s available in several styles which vary in their sizes including sheet, tile, plank and board.

Water resistant
Vinyl has water-resistant properties which makes it a safer choice for bathrooms, laundries and basements. When exposed to spills and splashes, unlike other floors Vinyl won’t rot, discolour or warp.

Vinyl floors are hypoallergenic because they have very few seams, which means they have less places for dust mites, allergens, mould or bacteria to hide and grow.

As it is soft underfoot, Vinyl is naturally more resilient. The resilience of the floor means it is quieter than other hard floor surfaces making it an ideal solution for second stories and playrooms.

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