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5 Benefits of Updating Your Floors


You add value
You might not be planning on selling your home anytime soon, but you will eventually right? Homes with newer flooring are valued higher than those with older, outdated floors. Next to the walls, your floor takes up the most space in your home – so you can guarantee that potential homeowners aren’t going to miss that stained carpet or scratched floorboards when they walk in. You can bet that if they’re already adding your floors to the renovation list in their mind, they’re less likely to meet you at your desired price. This is why it’s better to give your floors a refresh to add value to your home. And if you’re not looking to move any time soon – well, you’ll get to reap the benefits of those new floors won’t you?

You get a complete visual upgrade
Your floor takes up a major part of any space, so it’s no surprise that a new floor can be completely transformational. If you’ve found that no matter what decor you choose, you just can’t quite capture the look you’re going for – it could be that a floor refresh is just what you need. There’s nothing like new colour or style of flooring to pull together a beautiful interior aesthetic.

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You enjoy health benefits
Old floors can harbour mould, mildew and dust mites – all of which contributes to air pollution which can affect people with allergies and poor immune systems. Installing a hypoallergenic floor like Vinyl or Laminate is a great way to start afresh!

Padding is another benefit to new floors. While it’s obviously great to have something soft to land on if you trip and fall, there’s another situation you’re more likely to encounter that can affect your health. Joint pain has long been associated with standing and walking on hard floors for long periods of time – with sufferers experiencing pain in their ankles, knees and hips. So whether it’s a fluffy new carpet or a vinyl plank with an added layer of cushioning – your new floor can help offset some eventual discomfort.

You save time
There’s nothing like vacuuming your carpet 3 times in the hope it will look presentable to have you considering that maybe, there’s another way. If you’re time poor, or simply wanting to spend less time cleaning and more time doing what you like – then consider low-maintenance floors like Vinyl and Laminate. All they require is a quick sweep or dust-mop, so you can say finally goodbye to messy buckets of water and the days of getting tangled up in vacuum cords!

You save money
Particular floors serve as better insulation than others, helping to preserve the temperature in your home. With less temperature fluctuations, you’re less inclined to rely on heating and cooling as much throughout the year. Which means you can look forward to saving some extra money on your utility bills!

Aesthetics and financial incentives aside, there might be other serious reasons why you need to update your floors. Check out our other blog on the 5 signs you need to replace your floors. 

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