TERRAMATER – SUPPLIERS of engineered hardwood floors in sydney


Terra-Mater is a Engineered Hardwood Flooring supplier servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Terra-Mater only works with the best materials Lakewood which is made with a 3 layer construction that provides over time a more dimensionally stable floorboard when compared to other core constructions such as (multi-ply) our 3 layer board is more resistant to distortion.

The top layer (Lamella) is made of a 3mm European Oak timber which runs the full length of the board. The core runs across the width of the Lamella providing the most stable of all flooring construction techniques. While the core is also hardwood it responds less to environmental changes when manufactured in this way.

The bottom of the board completes the layering process and is referred to as the Stabiliser. Three layer engineered floors are much stronger than other types of core construction. Terra-Mater hardwood core produces a heavier product which is ideal for installation and creating a solid feel underfoot when walked on. Terra-Mater hardwood core’s greatest advantage is its dimensional stability to moisture ingress (moisture up take) delivering a more dimensionally stable floor when it is exposed to greater variations in humidity levels.

Terra mater prides on Quality Hardwood flooring with Lifetime Structural Warranty, 20 years Domestic Wear Warranty and a 10 Year Commercial Wear Warranty ensuring Quality control with consistency in every batch and large stockholding in our warehouse with Deliveries that can be arranged in 48 hours. Terra Mater offers Quality Discount Hardwood Flooring with competitive discount timber flooring prices and has a wide range of solid timber flooring materials available all year round. Our In-house floorboard consultants can assist you with budget and quality that reflect your lifestyle.Check out catalogue and call today on 03 9706 6460 for any assistance or advice on our timber flooring supplies as well as friendly service.

Terra Mater is an Australian Family owned and operated business with over many years of experience in sourcing the superior quality Timber Flooring across flooring market. Our Engineered Hardwood goes through rigorous testing to ensure complete peace of mind. Terra-Mater has proven test certificates that cover fire, dry slip, wet slip and emission testing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call on 03 9706 6460 or send us a web enquiry by clicking here



Color & Design: Inspired by European leading designers, we range 12 different designer colors and textures with 5G Click system for quick installation and German Klump Coating.

Value for Money: Precious European Oak timber which is naturally processed by techniques such as brushing, smoking, fuming, scraping, distressing and staining at affordable price.

Quality: Guaranteed Quality control with consistency in every batch and large stockholding in our warehouse based in Dandenong Melbourne.

Warranty: We offer Life time structure warranty to all our products with 20 years wear and tear to provide you piece of mind!

Service: In-house floorboard consultants assisting you with budget and quality that reflect your lifestyle. Deliveries can be arranged within 48 hours of order Australia wide