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Ultimate Timber Flooring Specialist in Melbourne & Sydney:


Nothing can be compared to the beauty and elegance of timber flooring as it offers the best warmth for any residential or commercial spaces. Our customers are happy & surprised by the stylish vibe and natural beauty that our timber flooring provide across various places like Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. We offer visually appealing Timber Floor options ranging in a variety of grains & strengths, colours, textures, and more at a cost-effective price.

The diverse collection of Unique Species from Terra-Mater: 


There are many types of species available. Tasmanian Oak Flooring is the best option if you need your floor to look stylish and modern with a fresh and light look. The Spotted Gum timber floor can be preferred to create an old-world charm appearance. Some of our unique species include Grey Timber Flooring, Engineered timber flooring, white wooden flooring, white oak flooring, timber parquet flooring, recycled wood flooring, reclaimed timber flooring, and solid timber flooring.


If you need low maintenance and beautiful floors for your home or business space, you should consider choosing Timber Flooring. Our Timber floor professionals offer top-quality wood floor installation for any commercial or residential areas. The process in the manufacturing process ensures that the timber flooring lasts for long and also provides a fantastic look.


Customer satisfaction and quality are assured to our customers. Whether you need recycled timber flooring, rustic timber flooring, recycled timber flooring, or timber parquet flooring, Terra-Mater has everything you need.


Reason to Choose Timber Flooring: 


There is much reason to choose timber flooring options for your home or residential property. Here are a few of them.


⚫ Timber floors are utterly resistant to odours and stains, which means they are more comfortable to maintain and clean.

⚫ Timber Flooring emits lower volatile organic compounds and featured high bond strength, enhancing the air quality indoors.

 Timber Flooring is tough naturally and, therefore, can withstand heavy foot traffic without any tear and wear experience.


The Popular Styles of Timber Flooring!


Blue Gum: 


The timber, otherwise derived as Sydney Blue Gum, is found naturally across Queensland, South Wales, and more. The timber floor style of this type is developed with multiple colours from brown, vibrant pink, to dark.




The style is developed in the mixed colour of orange and red with yellow flecking. The colour changes often from dark and muting to deeper brown and orange colour.




The style is developed in South East Western Australia and provides a colour range of light pink to darker graining with deep burgundy red. The colour changes based on the ages and this timber is being the most favourite one for flooring.


Apart from the above styles, there are other styles that Terra-Mater Timber Flooring offers, namely Kempas, spotted gum, wenge stain, Tasmanian Oak, Bamboo, and more.


Affordable Timber Floors in Australia:


Terra-Mater is one of the cost-effective flooring suppliers in Australia. Ask help from our Timber professionals to decide the right timber flooring in Sydney and Melbourne for your residential or commercial space. We also a specialist in other floorings like vinyl flooring, timber engineering flooring, pre-finished solid timber, laminate flooring, and more.


Why Choose Terra Mater


Lifetime Warranty
We offer Lifetime structure warranty to all our products with 20 years wear and tear to provide you complete peace of mind!

Value for Money
Precious European Oak timber which is naturally processed by techniques such as brushing, smoking, fuming, scraping, distressing and staining at affordable price.

Outstanding Quality
Guaranteed Quality control with consistency in every batch and large stockholding in our warehouse based in Melbourne and Sydney.

Great Customer Service
In-house floorboard consultants assisting you with budget and quality that reflect your lifestyle. Deliveries can be arranged within 48 hours of order Australia wide

A Diverse Range Colour & Design
Inspired by Europe’s leading designers, we range 12 different designer colors and textures with 5G Click system for quick installation and German Klump Coating.


For more information on flooring details, Contact us the Terra-Mater specialist today.