Give a great appeal to your interior with European oak flooring

Upgrade Your Space with European Oak Flooring

Are you looking for a new flooring service in Australia that is strong yet stylish?

European oak flooring is one of the most popular finish materials preferred by homeowners across Australia, especially in Melbourne and Sydney. Particularly, in Australia European oak flooring is in high demand for the natural beauty and prolonged lifespan it offers.


What is European oak flooring


The European Oak is a beautiful hardwood oak that comes from various countries in Europe, majorly from France, England, and Germany. Did you know that the European Oak has the same Janka rating of 1360? Besides, The European Oak products are not controlled, this is why the age, As well as species of the Oak, is not regulated and accepted, on condition that it is Oak from Europe.


Significance of European oak flooring


European Oak timber flooring is considered as a solid hard-wearing surface and extremely good at sustaining the increased foot traffic. Most essentially, this oak flooring gives a divine look when sanded as well as polished with a high gloss clear coating. Even the designers and architects choose to use European oak flooring in residential and commercial spaces in Sydney as well as Melbourne cities. This is because, it has a traditional appeal and charm that brings the old back to the majestic.

Apart from that, there are several high-quality European oak flooring solution providers in Melbourne and Sydney, who can offer a wide variety of solid oak floorboards or as an engineered oak floor covering too. Specifically, for commercial spaces, the benefit of going with engineered oak flooring is the increased stability that these boards bring. Due to their construction comprising solid oak planks bonded to a bottom of plyboard, it provides the boards amplified stability over solid European oak boards. The finished product makes the European oak floor covering a lot more suitable for locations with humidity and heavy traffic areas!

Features of European oak flooring


  • Get an aesthetic look and feel

The traditional European Oak floors radiate high-end quality. This qualitative oak flooring is made to last a lifetime. So if you are in Melbourne or Sydney or any other place in Australia, choose European oak flooring that adds charm, warmth, and depth to space. This timber will never age and delight your senses forever.


  • A wide variety of styles

With a broad range of grade and grain, there is a flair that will match your taste and decor of your home. Whether it is prime grades that give your home a high end polished look, or it is rustic grades that show the timber’s natural knots, European oak flooring has it all. Additionally, the grains give an edgier traditional look that is classic and outstanding always.


  • Nominal floor maintenance

Did you know that European oak flooring is famous for its minimal maintenance expense? You will need to carry out occasional cleaning and wiping of flooring to make it look new and beautiful forever. Unquestionably if your European oak timber boards start displaying signs of decay after years, then all you need to do is get the floor boards sanded and polished in order to retain its life back.


  • European oak cleanliness

With a hectic daily schedule, people in Sydney, Melbourne, etc. have very little time to spend on cleaning. For day-to-day cleaning of marks and dirt, European oak flooring demands simple seeping and mopping. And for stubborn marks, the floor can be sanded and recoated with your choice of finish which leaves no residues of the dirt mark.Aside from that, the Oak Flooring Sydney does not produce foul smells and odours that carpet gives out. Also, if anything is spilled it is easier to mop it up. Not just that, European oak is also resilient to fungus as well as bugs. They also permit a more hygienic home environment, thereby reducing your maintenance as well as repair work expenditures.


Why choose us over others?


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The final say

Now that you are aware of all the nitty-gritty of European oak flooring, make sure you select the grade of oak timber based on

  • The climatic condition (humid, wet, hot)of your location and,
  • The kind of a look and feel you wish to give your floor

Now it is up to you to choose from so many different tones and grades of European Oak flooring in Sydney and Melbourne. However, if you are confused and need an expert opinion in making a choice, get in touch with our friendly team at Terra-Mater to discuss further.