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Floating floors, otherwise known as engineered floors or floating timber floors are the right options for concrete flooring, carpet, and tiles. Terra-Mater provides the more accessible upgrade options in case of floating floors as it’s designed as pre-finished. It’s also installed easily without the need for any hardware. Don’t worry about sanding, polishing, or nails anymore.


The Uniqueness of Timber Flooring from Terra-Mater:


Terra-mater, the best flooring suppliers in Sydney stocks a broad collection of engineered timber floors. The reason why Terra-Mater’s Floating Timber flooring Sydney stays ideal is


⚫ 100% Guarantee and assurance on installation and products.

⚫ A diverse range of floating floors to suit every budget requirements

⚫ Recoatable and Resendable.

⚫ Terra-Mater makes use of popular and first-class floating floor manufacturers in the industry to assure longevity and quality.

⚫ Installed by Terra-Mater’s talented specialists, which means assurance for high-quality finishes.


Engineered Floor Preferences:


Terra-Mater stocks an extensive range of strong and diverse engineered wood floating timber floor products to choose from. It indicates that we ensure the best quality standards as well as provide 100% satisfaction to our precious customers. The Flooring holds a pre-finished timber image that is placed over an interline. It can be installed over most solid and flat surfaces and offers a level and stable surface. Terra-Mater’s evenly installed and precisely measured floating floors Sydney are the best solution to people who need an affordable flooring option.


The Floating Floor Types!


Terra-Mater offers three distinctive collections of Floating Floors in Sydney, namely Laminate Flooring, Engineered Flooring, and Luxury Vinyl Flooring. Each of them can be chosen as per the requirements of the floor type. Bamboo and Timber floating floors are easier for maintain and install. Laminate Floating Floors provide you the best look without much maintenance. It is also developed to be visitor, pet, and child-friendly.


There are three important sections in all floating floor types — the upper part of the planks, the middle section, and the bottom layer. A 4mm timber image is used in the upper part of the segment as protective and aesthetic encasement. There is different hardware species fitted in the middle section, and it can choose as per the taste of the clients. In the bottom layer, the base is covered by plantation timber plywood.


Readily Available Floating Floors in Sydney!


The floorings across Sydney can be quickly installed when compared to groove and traditional tongue flooring. The joints, which are locked tightly, make sure about the assembling is made easy for both the professional floor layer and DIY options. The Timber Floating floors are also the best choice for people who require effective soundproofing solutions. Some of our best product in Timber Floating Floors Sydney includes


  • Brush box
  • Kempas
  • Spotted Gum
  • Tasmanian Oak
  • Black butt
  • Jarrah
  • Lime Wash
  • Merbau
  • Chestnut
  • Sydney Blue Gum


Why Choose Terra Mater


Lifetime Warranty
We offer Lifetime structure warranty to all our products with 20 years wear and tear to provide you complete peace of mind!

Value for Money
Precious European Oak timber which is naturally processed by techniques such as brushing, smoking, fuming, scraping, distressing and staining at affordable price.

Outstanding Quality
Guaranteed Quality control with consistency in every batch and large stockholding in our warehouse based in Melbourne and Sydney.

Great Customer Service
In-house floorboard consultants assisting you with budget and quality that reflect your lifestyle. Deliveries can be arranged within 48 hours of order Australia wide

A Diverse Range Colour & Design
Inspired by Europe’s leading designers, we range 12 different designer colors and textures with 5G Click system for quick installation and German Klump Coating.

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